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As a norm documents are present in large volumes in any workspace. Its forms vary across platforms and purposes. It is necessary for people to access them easily and have it in a form that works for them. We at Mossline help facilitate the task of transforming documents between the various document types that exists to forms that serves its functions best.

Our solutions have fast delivery times, exceeds client expectations and are effective in cost reduction.

Listed below are popular file types that hold text/document data:

Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)

The microsoft Word or word document is a document file format of the MS-office suite of products. It produces documents with the .doc and .docx extension. The word document formatting includes a wide range of fonts, template based styles, bookmarks, foot notes, chapters etc. It can contain within it tables, hyperlinks, inline-images among other objects, supports generation of TOC and documents created in word can be exported to various other document formats like plain text,pdf, word formatted html and others. The company batch converts Word files to other file types.

A document convertible to .docx format.
Docx file

Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)

The portable Document format (PDF) is a file format based on the postscript language that is capable of containing within itself both text and graphic images.Along with these elements it also includes interactive elements such as form fields, and annotations (text highlighting, comments etc) . The pdf also has provisions for file attachments, encryption and digital signatures.

The PDF forms(Acroforms) having standard form elements like text boxes and radio buttons is designed to submit data to URLs in formats similar to HTML forms.

PDF Documents are convertible to and from many other document formats like MS-Word, Open Document(.odt) format, HTML, and in graphics forms to jpeg,png etc.

A Document convertible in .pdf format
Docx file    Docx file