Moss Line Printers
-document processing agents

Document Archival and File Management systems

The company's archival services includes extraction of documents from multiple sources reorganize them and package them in target archive-ware.
7 zip, Pea zip, Tar, WinRAR, WinZip are some of the archiving utilities to provide features like password protection, handling of multiple volumes, self-extraction, unicode filename support as well as filename encryption.

Table lists a few archive utilities and the features they support

File archivers Shell
Unicode file /
directory names
7-Zip Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ark Yes Yes No Yes Yes
GNU tar Yes No Yes Yes Unknown
PeaZip Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PKZIP Yes Yes No Yes Unknown
WinRAR and RAR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

An archive package document
zip file

File Management

The company organizes the repositories of you data into categories that not only mirrors the structure of the underlying domain but also makes it easy for storage on diverse systems(physical or of the Os) as well as to publish them in any form that merits its distribution (print, media, online or e-publishing.)