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Document Processing Services

The company offers its services in formatting, embellishing and publishing of documents and books.A document or draft may exist in any form of unadornment, as coarse drafts, plain text, a different filetype, halfway formatted or simply formatted to a different style.The company feels that the objective of a document should be to preserve content in a form that is structered well, easy to comprehend and managed without hassle.

The company formats documents of various file types. MS Word docx is file type widely used for documentation. Mossline formats docx files to include features like pagination, page layout, headers, footers, addition of bookmarks,foot notes and insertion of links, images and tables etc. as well as other artifacts that makes a document that is well customized and feature rich.

A custom formatted word document.
Docx file

Formatting of pdf files

pdfs are portable format documents that are most commonly distributed ansd accessed across the internet. It works on multiple Os' like windows and linux. The filetypes are acccessed by pdf readers found embedded in bowsers or seperately. Some of these readers are capable of annotating pdf's. Documents can be exported to pdf format from other text editors as well.

The company processes pdf files to custom format them to augment its usability with artifacts like text highlighting, pinning notes, adding comments, attaching images, files etc.It furnishes metadata like signing documents, adding digital ids, and certifying documents. It publishes pdf fillable forms that could be used to gather and process form data.

An annotated pdf document
pdf file